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A global minimum wage to fight exploitation and poverty.

A global minimum wage of one dollar per hour would banish to the history books the worldwide scandal of degrading poverty, taking with it a whole load of other problems: the refugee crisis, malnutrition, military conflicts and the destruction of our environment.

All humanity could benefit hugely from the first real global socio-economic miracle. This kind of minimum wage would more than double the income of over a billion people from one day to the next. The money would go towards more and better food, as well as towards increased access to energy and the digital world.

The poor would suddenly have much better development prospects in their homelands, improving our economy and society. Georgios Zervas and Peter Spiegel illustrate why a global minimum wage is not only desirable but entirely realistic.


Die 1-Dollar Revolution
Globaler Mindestlohn gegen Ausbeutung und Armut
Georgios Zervas & Peter Spiegel
ca. 250 Seiten

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Georgios Zervas
, born 1956, studied Engineering in Stuttgart. He has been working as a freelance business consultant since 1981. He has contributed to numerous social projects, amongst others in India and Africa, and received the Vision Award for his Global Fair Trade Concept in 2007.

Peter Spiegel, Sociologist and Publicist, co-founded the Global Marshall Plan Initiative and organizes the yearly international future conference “Vision Summit”. In 2008, he founded the Genisis Institute, the first international think tank for social business.

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